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Pattern grading

Super Pattern’s grading system provides automatical and manual grading, quickly, convenient and accurately.The system also provides many tools to modify your pattern easily, you can quickly to switch pattern and grading module, the pattern in grading can be changed automatically once the design is changed.

Pattern grading is the process of turning base size or sample size patterns into additional sizes using a size specification sheet or grading increments. This can be done manually or digitally using computerized pattern drafting software. Our pattern design, grading and marker making software is the industry benchmark for ultimate functionality and ease of use. 
Silhouette drafting table functions similar to a tablet PC. Images that are drawn or traced on the interactive table are automatically converted to digital formats to be used and/or edited as necessary. Our automatic market making software generates the most efficient markers helping to save time and money when making sample, costing and production markers. 

Once you have the initial pattern for your garments, the next step is to create alternative sizing. This process is called pattern grading and involves making other sizes using your basic blueprint. Some manufacturers have standard guidelines for grading, and this is where you see common retailer measurements. For example, size 8 and beyond, sizes S, M, L, and so on.

Pattern grading doesn’t have to be complicated once you have the basic outlines. However, there are two systems to determine the grading.

Draft technique: This system applies increments to the pattern draft as a whole.
Track technique: This grading applies increments to the individual pattern pieces and essentially alters section by section.
To make this process easier, you can use computer-aided design (CAD) software to grade your patterns.

Super Pattern Organisation offers computerized grading and marking services employing latest the state of the art ​​Gerber Accumark System – Computer Aided Design – AutoCAD – software technology, assuring accuracy and consistency in both applications, through multiple checkpoints and quality assurance steps. Our experienced team can perform multiple quality control steps for garments with the right fit every time. When we grade a pattern to a larger or a smaller size it is done proportionately.
We can convert to and from other file formats as well.

​Our grading and marking workstations provide capacity for high volume work and rapid turnaround. In addition we can verify your patterns to make sure they are optimized for high volume production. We can work with your grading chart, and we also offer you our services of digitally graded patterns. Our computerized pattern grading services  include oak tag pattern digitizing.
​Once you send us your pattern in a single size, our experts can grade it for the range of sizes you need.
You can give us your grade rules and specifications, alternatively our experts can create grading rules and specifications for your pattern.

We provide expertise in a wide range of sizes including, but not limited to, children’s, missy, women’s, petites, designer apparel and menswear.