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Quality Standards

We use the internationally recognized Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standard for all product inspections. Clients can set their Acceptable Quality Tolerance level for each inspection and we will provide results as within or beyond AQL.

Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL)

Our experts will help guide you to ensure that you choose the inspection level and AQL values that best suit your needs.
Test out your product inspection AQL using our sampling calculation tool. Here is a scenario we’ve come up with to help you understand how it works.
You have a inspection to carry out for 4000 pieces of face masks, the client has selected a normal inspection – level II and AQL and 2.5. Go head to input and select the fields in red
Quantity: 4000
Inspection level: General Inspection II
AQL: 2.5

AQL Sampling Simulator

Critical Defects

Major Defects

Minor Defects

Table A

Find the respective Lot Size (quantity) and general inspection level: Code letter L
Note: AQL tables below are based on ANSI/ASQ Standard Zq.4 – 2008

Table B

Locate Row L (this is the required sample size of 200)
Complying with AQL 2.5, no more than 10 units from that sample size can fail the inspection.

Now, you can go ahead to simulate your next sampling inspection:
1. Enter your shipment lot quantity
2. Select General/Special inspection level
3. Select AQL for all defects (critical, major, minor)
4. Refer to Table A and B below to see the impact on inspected quantities and accepted defects

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

A PSI is a systematic onsite inspection of units selected at random from all batches of your order, conducted when production is 80-100% complete.
Where issues are found, a PSI provides a final opportunity to take corrective action before a production run is finished and packed. As such, they are an effective tool to safeguard you against costly import mistakes.

Production Timeline

Initial Product Check (IPC)

Detect quality issues early in the production process (raw materials machines setup, etc.).

During Production Inspection(DUPRO)

Ensure that all issues discovered during IPC are corrected before order completion.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

Verify the quality of the whole production lot before it leaves the factory.

Container Loading Check(CLC)

Ensure every product you paid for makes it to the truck; reduce the risk of damage during shipment.

0-100% Production Monitoring (PM)

An inspector will be on-site every day to keep your factory accountable and provide daily quality and status reports, putting you in control of the entire process.

Sample Picking (SP)

Have samples collected from the production line, for your own reference or lab testing.

Perform a pre-shipment inspection

Complex supply chains make it near impossible for most businesses to verify the quality and specifications of their finished products at their factories before they’re shipped.
The risks associated with poor quality products are also high. You may only have one shot at winning over today’s discerning consumer. In the hyper-competitive consumer goods market, if your product doesn’t meet their quality expectations or is defective, it’s likely they’ll simply turn to your competitor next time.
A pre-shipment inspection provides peace of mind that your order has been filled successfully before it’s dispatched.
• Ensure that your supplier has met all agreed-upon specifications
• Verify quality standards with off-the-shelf checklists or with your own unique checks
• Check that production is on track
• Take corrective action before it’s too late
• Avoid returns and protect your brand’s image
• Verify final product quality when you cannot access the factory yourself
You can use a pre-shipment inspection to verify quality at the source and to avoid paying for defective goods. Don’t rely on your factory to tell you the product meets all specifications, check for yourself.
However, a typical PSI includes the following checks:
• Product specifications checks
o Quantities of semi-finished, finished and packed products
o Product colours
o Product style and construction
o Artwork including spelling, fonts, dimensions, positioning and general design
o Labels including main labels, care labels, size labels and product tags
• Other product-specific checks and tests to verify quality and workmanship
• Workmanship defects checks
• Product dimensions check
• Packing and packaging checks
o Unit packing
o Inner packing
o Outer packing
o Export carton dimensions and weights
o Shipping marks on cartons
Take your quality management online
You can easily book, cancel or reschedule inspections, make payments or download your inspection reports with a few clicks. We also provide a customizable dashboard with all of your quality control data, so you can identify trends and make informed decisions in real-time.